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Infographic type 2D and 3D animation mix
Report Promotion
Simple Animation to show a Ranking Financial Process
One of the largest videos we've done. The History of Retail Tower at NRF
Mixture of 3D Shapes motion tracked over dancing people
An Event Intro for UK Trade & Investment 
Cute 2D Animation showing "The Magic of Data"
Another Cute 2D Animation showing "Smart Packaging"
Event Intro to launch BrandZ China in 2016
Bringing photos to life
Simple Hand and Icon Animation to show Top100 Global Brands 
3D Animation to show the Top B2B Brands 
How to put 3D objects into a filmed scene - Motion Graphics Test
Event Intro to launch BrandZ China 2017
A 3D Countdown Video in 4K to launch Top50 Global Brand Builders
3D Lanterns incorporated into Photos for the Top100 China Brands 2019
Promo video to launch a system to "brand" rank Celebrities
Putting a presenter into a Virtual Studio for CelebrityZ
Future technologies shown in a fun 2D/3D environment
Launch video for new Building Site "Help Points" 2D Animation
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