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Latest Broadcast - WPP BAV Best Countries Launch 2022
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World Retail Congress 2019 [Virtual Studio]
WPP Stream 2019 [Virtual Studio]
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Retail & Covid-19 Diginar - APRIL 30 2020 
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WPP Stream | Interview [Virtual Studio]
BrandZ Top100 Global 2014 - One of the first using Virtual Studio Tech
BrandZ Latam Webcast 2014 
BrandZ Global100 2016 | Doreen Wang Presentation [Virtual Studio]
BrandZ India 2016 Launch Event Broadcast live from Mumbai
GroupXP | Experience Index - Live Webinar from their Offices
Our Service
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Our subsidiary company Studio Stream have been producing live webcasts/webinars/web seminars ; whatever you want to call them ; since 2016. Studio Stream has the latest web streaming and camera technology to make your broadcast professional and successful. We can stream your event, meeting or interview across different platforms. We can even stream simultaneously across many social media channels. eg. YouTube live at the same time as Facebook Live. We can even incorporate Skype/Zoom/Teams video calls into your broadcast.

Please visit for details   
Studio Stream's Brand New Promo Video
We've been broadcasting from the World Retail Congress since 2017. Here's a quick snapshot...
Our Virtual Studios are very cool...
How we setup our 'unique' Panoramic Green Screen - No one was hurt or injured during the making of this promo :)
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