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Comic Relief: The Return of the Pink Windmill Kids 
BrandZ Intro - Japanese Live Webinar Version - 2020
BrandZ Top75 Most Valuable | Indian Brands 2019
Human Spirit during these challenging times
WPP Webinar Promotion
Who are 7Digital? 
BrandZ Top50 Indonesian Brands 2019
Soul Assembly "Band Track" Promo
The last piece of work I did for B&Q in's a classic....
Y&R BAV | Best Countries Countdown 2018
Presenter Intro Video for an event... filmed at the Top Gear track
Corporate Reponsiblity video for Charity "Motivation"
BBC News Spoof about the ramifications of ignoring "Swine Flu"
B&Q Store Revamp Promotional Video for Managers Conference
For the London 2012 Olympics - Tencent setup a TV studio in London
Chinese Brands going Global
7Digital's Celebrity Gossip Column - Entertainment News Promo
Some Chinese Statistics
Race the Dragon Corporate Promotional Video
Race the Dragon Trailer
B&Q Look away - I did a video for Homebase too :)
Top100 Global Brands Countdown 2015
BrandZ India Launch Event Intro 2014
Promo Video for Charity "Sewa Day"
WPP's Internet of Things Promo
Some digital facts and figures for The Store WPP
Event Intro showcasing "The Chinese Dream"
What is the Chinese and American Dream?
Business change company Bolt From the You Promo video...
BrandZ China Top50 Event Intro - Our first 3D animation from 2012
Life at the product packaging design and development firm Tin Horse
Tin Horse | Transforming Lives, Brands & Businesses
Tin Horse | All about Us
WPP & Intel | Internet of Things Innovation Workshop - New York
Paul Reiffer | Out of this | world - landscapes in motion
Paul Reiffer | Out of this | world - cityscapes
WPP - In retail conversation from NRF New York - Smart Checkouts
Best Countries - Event Intro
The story behind "Story" in New York
WPP at The Nasdaq - My work appearing in Times Square, New York
Shots from our India Trips
Shots from our China Trips
Thoughts of Chairmen Now | Webinar Intro
CKGSB Promo Video 
Wolseley Group | Customer Feedback New Stores
Wolseley Group | Staff
WPP Stream 2019 | Event Recap
BrandZ China Event Intro 2019
China 2018 Trip Footage including Drone - Please watch in 4K
B&Q Customer Services given the Film Noir treatment 
...and finally my own Toinspire Productions Showreel
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