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WPP | Cambridge University - History of China (9mins)
WPP | Cambridge University - Made In China (8mins)
WPP | Cambridge University - The New Silk Road (7mins)
WPP | Cambridge University - Brands in China (6mins)
India | The New Consumer (13mins)
India | Colliding Values (10mins)
India | Tradition & Transformation (10mins)
India | Disruption (9mins)
India | Emerging Brands (6mins)
India | Build a Brand, Life a Nation (6mins)
India | Living the Indian Dream 2015 (32mins)
Company Profile | Tencent
Company Profile | Google
Company Profile | Amazon
Company Profile | Apple
Company Profile | Alibaba 
BLAZING A TRAIL: How China eCommerce leads the world (24mins)
HIDDEN DRAGON: The Rise of an eCommerce Giant (24mins)

There are over 150 brand films from

India and China and can be found here...

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